Welcome to the Shoe Museum in Lausanne

5,000 years of shoe history to see and to touch

The collection presents reconstructions of shoes and other leather accessories documented exclusively by archaeological discoveries. Each object is the result of research done on original fragments recovered through archeology. Since 1993, this didactical collection grows at the same time as the new developments in research.

A museum unlike many others...

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...in a street shop, visible around the clock.

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...where you are allowed to handle the artefacts.

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... where you have your own personal guided tour.

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... willing to travel to events or private showings.

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... leading the field of archeological leather research.

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... putting theory into practice, reviving ancient crafts.

Our renovation project ``peau neuve 2014``

Latest blog posts

  • Even our streets had a face lift

    clean walls

    The streets of our neighborhood are finally free from graffiti and tags accumulated during two or three decades by successive layers. This is the final…

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  • Two new street names for the Rôtillon

    escaliers de savetiers

    A small celebration will be held this Friday, June 20 to inaugurate the completion of Rôtillon project. The streets are all newly paved with cobble…

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  • Our neighborhood, the Rôtillon

    rotillon ca 1950

    Our neigborhood, the Rôtillon was once the industrial centre of the medieval and post medieval town of Lausanne. Lots of changes happened over time, like...

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  • How to make shoemaker’s waxed ends


     We managed to produce our first movie to explain something impossible to do in words   It is well known that ancient shoemakers stitched with…

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  • Final setup

    2014 peau neuve 17

    The floor is set, the walls and ceiling are clean and the lighting is perfect. All there is to do is to put our exhibition…

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  • A new oak plank floor

    2014 peau neuve11

    As the saying goes, think global but buy local. Our choice for floors was to address the best in town, the company Menetrey, specialist in…

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  • The museum is empty


    The museum is full of emptiness. We took out everything to prepare for the arrival of a new oak floor that replaces the over 30…

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  • Thai delegation


    Today we were honored by the pleasant visit from the team of the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles in Bangkok. It’s always interesting when museum…

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